Hoses in alphabetical order

The product list is not complete. If you do not find your desired product, please contact us using the formular.

Acid hoses
Air suction hoses
Aircraft refuelling hoses
Air water hoses
Aramid hoses

Beer hoses
Brake hoses for vehicles
Brown coal conveying hoses

Cable protection tubes
Cement hopper hoses
Cereals conveying hoses
Chemistry hoses
Cleaning hoses
Climate hoses
Compressed air hoses
Concrete pump hoses
Cooling water hoses

Dairy hoses
Deaeration hoses
Deck washing hoses
Draining hoses for bridges
Dredging hoses
Drinking water hoses

Exhaust hoses for cars
Expansion Joints

Fatty goods hoses
Fiber glass hoses
Fire extinguisher hoses
Fire protection hoses
Fish pump hoses

Fittings and flanges
Flanged hoses
Food quality hoses

Grass suction hoses
Grout & plaster hoses

High pressure hoses
High temperature hoses
Hopper hoses
Hoses for insecticides
Hoses for machines
Hot water hoses

Industry hoses and tubes of all kinds

Liquid gas hoses

Mash spiral hoses
Metall-rubber connections
Milk hoses
Mortar conveying hoses
Moulded goods

Oil hoses

Petrol tank hoses
Propane-butane hoses
PTFE - hoses

Radiator tubes
Rubber-metal connections

Sewer flushing hoses
Shot blast hoses
Sleeves for pinch valve
Solvent hoses
Spiral hoses for all types
Spring air hoses
Steam hoses
Suction and pressure hoses
Suction hoses
Suction hoses for chips
Suction hoses for grapes
Suction pipes for industrie dust
Sugar conveying hoses
Superflexible hoses
Sweeper hoses

Tank cleaning hoses
Tank truck hoses
Tar spraying hoses
Tubes for petrol station pumps

Waste gas hoses
Water hoses
Water suction hoses
Wear protection hoses
Wine hoses



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