SIMON® Peristaltic pump hose

For use in peristaltic pumps to transport aggressive media, abrasive materials, highly viscous liquids and foodstuffs in practically all industrial fields.


  • Tube in light or dark special qualities

            for abrasive media, liquids to max. 80°C (NR)
            for drinking water (IIR)
            for oils, petrol, fuels to max. 80°C (NBR)
            for aggressive media to max. 120°C (CSM)
            for chemical media (EPDM)

            FDA-approved food quality 

  • Special fabric inlays 
  • Interior smooth, exterior smooth polished
Peristaltic pump hose
ND (mm) Pressure (bar) Vacuum (bar) Length (m)
15 to 150 to 20 to 0,9 to 4

SIMON – peristaltic pump hoses are manufactured with special fabric inlays developed specifically for the application. This guarantees harmonious flexing with permanently stable cross-sections.

With the dynamically adjusted elastomers mixtures the result is lower overpressing with perfect tightness and low working temperatures. This achieves exceptionally long service life.

These hoses are polished with abrasive tools in special alloys. This method guarantees a homogenous surface microstructure of the peristaltic pump hose without affecting the elastomer’s quality.

Other versions and dimensions on request.


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