Chemical Resistance

Resistance of the hose 

Even with proper use, sufficient resistance does not mean unlimited durability and retention of the original properties of the hose. Due to the action of the pumped media, swelling, shrinkage and penetration of the hose material, as well as chemical reactions, may occur, affecting the properties of the hose.

These processes generally proceed more rapidly the higher the operating temperature, operating pressure, flow rate, abrasion, duration and frequency of exposure, age of the hose, and contamination of the chemical conveyed.

The data in this resistance list are guide values which can only be guaranteed for a limited period of time and do not constitute a general guarantee of properties. They are based on laboratory tests, which have generally been carried out at room temperature (=25°C), on literature data and on practical experience. If the information given appears insufficient to the user or if there are doubts, we can carry out resistance tests for you. 

If chemical products or product mixtures other than those listed are to be conveyed, or if the nature and composition, e.g. the concentration and temperature of the chemical products deviate from the specifications, a separate chemical resistance test must be carried out before the hose assembly in question is used.

The information in the resistance list is based on many years of experience. Technical changes, misprints and errors excepted.


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