Bending radius

The bending radiuses indicated in this catalogue apply at a medium and ambient temperature of 20°C. These are minimum values below which the hose may be irreparably damaged.

The following rules of thumb apply to bending radiuses:

  • Industrial hoses                           IØ x approx. 10 - 12
  • Spiral hoses in general               IØ x approx. 8 - 10
  • Corrugated hoses                        IØ x approx. 1,5 - 3

Abrasion resistance

In terms of the abrasion resistance of rubber, one must distinguish between the laboratory value determined for the rubber mixture per DIN ISO 4649 and the service life for the hose product in practice. Depending on the media being handled, hose construction, installation and flow conditions, substantial differences may arise in some cases. One must distinguish between:

  • Abrasive friction by contact pressure and geometry of the medium being transported.
  • Pyrolitic, heat-related abrasion in the case of pneumatic handling.

The abrasion resistance qualities indicated in this catalogue are suitable for most applications. In special cases, we can supply special qualities matched to the respective application.

All the hoses presented here have an abrasion, UV, ozone and weather-resistant outer cover. Please coordinate with our technical sales department for extremely harsh applications.


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