We offer the following types of marking:

1. vulcanette
The desired wording or design element is applied to a carrier foil in one or more colors. During vulcanization, the color transfers and bonds with the hose surface. This is a visually very appealing and highly recognizable marking. Various colors and color combinations as well as font sizes can be selected. In principle, this marking method is possible for all hoses with fabric imprint.

2. color marking
Liquid color is applied as stamping. Mainly marking is done in white color, in exceptional cases also in other color. The marking is cheaper, but the durability is much shorter than with the vulcanette. This type of marking can be applied to almost all our hose types.

3. embossing
The lettering is embossed into the hose cover. It is also available in a different color than the hose cover. The embossing has by far the longest service life, because it is made in the quality of the cover compound. It can be applied to all types of hoses. 

For other customized markings, please contact us.


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