Temperature & oil resistance

Temperature resistance

Aging effects in rubber products are always temperature dependent, with a relatively small increase in temperature causing a very sharp increase in the rate of aging.
Temperatures above + 120°C can reduce the resistance of the reinforcing materials and the pressure resistance of the hose!
Please refer to the relevant catalog sheet or your quotation for the valid temperature range per application for a specific SIMON hose.

For high temperature applications we have special hoses in our program.

Oil resistance

The effects of oil and fuel on rubber depend on a variety of factors that must be considered for proper material selection:

  • Composition of the oil (diesel oil, hydraulic oil, ASTM 1-3).
  • Temperature and time of use
  • Pressure/vacuum

The oil resistance rating of rubber materials is evaluated based on changes in physical properties in standard fluids. Swelling in IRM 903 (ASTM Oil No. 3) at 100 °C and a test duration of 70 hours is often used. If the change in volume (swelling) is less than 25%, a material is considered to have "very good" oil resistance in the literature.


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