Operation of hoses

For proper and safe use it is important to select the right type of hose. Please check the applications with your customers. Inform your customer about the limits of the product.

Usually refer to the standards of DIN 7716 or DIN EN ISO 8331.


  • Use according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Note accessibility.
  • Do not hinder hoses in their position or movement.
  • Not exceed max. allowable working pressure.
  • Not exceed max. allowable working temperature.
  • Do not bend beyond the permissible bending radius.
  • Avoid torsion loadings or driving over hoses.
  • Do not pull across rough surfaces and sharp edges.
  • Do not apply excessive tension or pressure loadings.
  • Note the special recommendations for steam and bitumen hoses.
  • Drain and clean after use.


  • Cool (15-25°C), dry, with little exposure to light and draughts.
  • Free of tension and free of kinks.
  • Protect against environmental influences in use of outdoor storing.
  • Avoid contamination by chlorides, bromides, iodines, external or Flash rust.


  • Review the conditions of use.
  • Optimize exchange cycles.
  • Unfavorable conditions reduce the hose life.
  • Product aging in the presence of multiple factors (max. working pressure, max. temperature, min. bending radius).


  • Continuous visual inspection of hose and fittings.
  • Recurrent maintenance and inspections, e.g. per DIN EN ISO 6134, DIN EN 12115, etc.

Danger of injury appears at high operating pressures, high operating temperatures and hazardous fluids. The exact suitability of the product must be clarified only in individual cases. If anything is unclear, immediately call your expert advice.


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