Hose types

Industrial Hose

Industrial Hose

Rubber tube, with or without fabric ply, rubber cover.


Spiral hose

Spiral Hose Typ I

Structure as industrial hose, however with embedded steel wire, with or without cuffed ends

TYPE I a    Suction hose, corrugated exterior

TYPE I b    Pressure hose

TYPE I ab  Suction and pressure hose


Spiral Hose Typ II

TYPE II Suction and Pressure hose,with external spiral


Spiral Hose Typ III

TYPE III Suction and pressure hose,smooth outer, textile patterned


Corrugated spiral hose

Corrugated spiral hose

Interior and exterior corrugated in spiral form


Corrugated hose bellow

Corrugated hose bellow

Interior and exterior corrugated in spiral form, without spiral.



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